Visitors see the original Washington War Tent in the object theater.

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A Revolutionary Collection 

The Museum of the American Revolution has an impressive collection of several thousand objects, works of art, manuscripts, and printed works from the period of the American Revolution. The collection began more than a century ago when a history-minded minister in Valley Forge raised funds from around the nation to purchase the original tent that George Washington used as his command center during the American Revolution. It was the beginning of a rich and diverse collection that continues to grow. The collection includes objects that span the scope of the war—from British, French, and American arms used in battles to a soldier's wooden canteen branded "UStates," at a time when the phrase was merely an aspiration.

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    Philadelphia Powder Horn

    The profuse decoration on this engraved powder horn includes a view of Philadelphia’s busy waterfront on the eve of the American Revolution.

  • Visitors see the original Washington War Tent in the object theater.
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    Washington’s War Tent

    General Washington's original sleeping and office tent from the Revolutionary War was carefully preserved by generations of the Custis and Lee families following the deaths of George and Martha Washington. In 1909, Reverend W.

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    Wooden Canteen Marked "USTATES"

    This extremely rare wooden soldier’s canteen is marked “USTATES,” indicating Continental Army usage.

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    Washington's Headquarters Flag

    Cousins Fannie B. Lovell and Ellen Lovell Crosby, descendants of Betty Washington Lewis (George Washington’s sister), donated this silk flag to Reverend W. Herbert Burk’s museum of American history at Valley Forge in 1910.

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    Peter Muhlenberg's Pistols

    German-American Brigadier General John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg (1746-1807) carried these English holster pistols during the Revolutionary War.

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