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... the crown jewel in the collection [...] oh, the stories it could tell.
Washington Post

From the Revolutionary War to the present day, generations of Americans and visitors from abroad have found inspiration in the presence of General George Washington’s headquarters tent. Today, this remarkable artifact is pitched in Philadelphia at the Museum of the American Revolution, where more than one million visitors since 2017 have learned about Washington’s leadership and America’s ongoing experiment in liberty, equality, and self-government through an immersive presentation.

In our special exhibition opening February 2024, Witness to Revolution: The Unlikely Travels of Washington’s Tent will greatly expand the story told in the Museum’s award-winning film and bring to life the stories of individuals from all walks of life who saved Washington’s tent from being lost over the generations and who ultimately fashioned this relic into a symbol of the fragile American republic. It will bring together, in many cases for the first time, inspiring works of art, rare documents, and significant historical objects from public and private collections across the United States.

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General George Washington's Revolutionary War headquarters tent on display at the Museum

Washington's War Tents

Explore the cornerstone of the Museum's collection, General George Washington's Revolutionary War Tent, and the handsewn, full-scale replica of his field headquarters.
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Image 082720 George Washington Tent Collection

Washington's War Tent

General George Washington's original sleeping and office tent from the Revolutionary War.
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Washington Field HQ Sleeping Marquee Exterior View

Virtual Tour of Washington's Field Headquarters

Explore the Museum's handsewn, full-scale replicas of General George Washington's Revolutionary War sleeping, dining, and baggage tents through 360-degree images in our Virtual Tour of Washington's Field Headquarters.
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