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The Real Tent

General George Washington’s Revolutionary War Tent, his office and sleeping quarters, served as the mobile command center for the Continental Army. The tent was present at the scene of many pivotal moments, including the 1781 Siege of Yorktown, the last major land battle of the Revolutionary War. 

Image 082720 George Washington Tent Collection
Online Collection

Washington's War Tent

General George Washington's original sleeping and office tent from the Revolutionary War is on permanent display in the Museum's Alan B. Miller Theater. Reverend W. Herbert Burk’s Valley Forge Historical Society, the predecessor organization of the Museum, served as the longtime steward of Washington’s tent after he purchased it in 1909.

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A zoomed in section of Verplanck's Point featuring General Washington’s tent perched on a hill overlooking the encampment
Online Exhibit

Among His Troops

Explore the online exhibit inspired by French-born Continental Army engineer Pierre Charles L'Enfant's 1782 watercolor painting depicting the encampment at Verplanck's Point, New York, which includes the only known wartime image of General George Washington's headquarters tent. The online exhibit was adapted from the Museum's 2018 exhibition of the same name.

Image 092120 16x9 Washingtons War Tent Film Cover
Museum Films

Washington's War Tent Film

Daily Showings

Follow the remarkable journey of General George Washington's headquarters tent from the Revolutionary War to the present in the Museum's signature Washington's War Tent film, highlighted by the reveal of the real tent. Watch a preview of the full Wasington's War Tent film, which is produced by Donna Lawrence Productions and airs daily in the Alan B. Miller Theater (second floor) at the Museum.

A zoomed in section of Verplanck's Point
Interactive Feature

Picturing Washington's Army

Explore rare watercolor paintings by army engineer Pierre Charles L'Enfant of the Continental Army encampments at West Point and Verplanck's Point, including the only known wartime eyewitness image of General George Washington's tent discovered by Museum curators in 2017.

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General George Washington's Revolutionary War headquarters tent on display at the Museum
Upcoming Exhibit

Witness to Revolution: The Unlikely Travels of Washington's Tent

February 17, 2024 - January 5, 2025
Witness to Revolution, opening February 2024, will bring to life the the journey of George Washington’s tent from the Revolutionary War to an enduring symbol of the American republic.
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Image 011318 Among His Troops Exhibit 72 Mg 3064
Past Exhibit

Among His Troops: Washington's War Tent in a Newly Discovered Watercolor

January 13 - February 19, 2018
Learn more about the Museum's 2018 special exhibit, Among His Troops, highlighted by the only known wartime depiction of George Washington's headquarters tent.
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The Replica Tents

The hand-stitched replica of General George Washington's field headquarters provides opportunities for interactive education and outreach programs with associated replica tents, camp equipage, and furnishings and fosters an immersive experience to learn how the tent was used during the Revolutionary War.

Staff members from the Museum of the American Revolution and Colonial Williamsburg work on sewing the Museum's replica of George Washington's headquarters tent
Making the Replica

First Oval Office Project

Take a closer look at the Museum's ongoing project, which began with 2013 partnership with the Historic Trades Department at The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in Williamsburg, Virginia to reproduce and use full-scale replicas of Washington's tents and camp equipage.

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Washington Field Hq Sleeping Marquee Exterior View
Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour of Washington's Field Headquarters

Explore the Museum's handsewn, full-scale replicas of General George Washington's Revolutionary War sleeping, dining, and baggage tents through 360-degree images in our Virtual Tour of Washington's Field Headquarters.
Explore Online

Among His Troops: Washington's War Tent in a Newly Discovered Watercolor

The Among His Troops special exhibition ran at the Museum from Jan. 13 through Feb. 19, 2018.

Image 011318 Among His Troops Exhibit 54 Mg 2968

"... like having a Google Street View look"

The Museum presented a newly discovered 235-year-old, seven-foot panoramic painting that offers an invaluable glimpse into the Revolutionary War, a time before the invention of photography. The sweeping watercolor painting of a 1782 Continental Army encampment contains the only known wartime depiction of General Washington’s headquarters tent, which is dramatically presented at the Museum. The painting depicts hundreds of military tents arrayed across the rolling landscape of the lower Hudson Valley. Perched on a hilltop rising above the scene is Washington’s field headquarters, including the marquee tent in which he lived during the Revolutionary War. 

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More from the Collection

In addition to Washington's War Tent, the Museum's collection is home to artifacts related to the tent, like Washington's camp cups and headquarters flag, as well as a watercolor painting of Verplanck's Point featuring the only known wartime depiction of Washington's tent.

Image 091120 George Washington Camp Cups Silver Camp Cups

George Washington's Camp Cups

These cups, with later commemorative inscriptions, are part of a set of twelve that descended in the Washington family and are said to have been owned and used by George Washington during the war.

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Image 091120 General George Washington Standard Flag Collection Washington Headquarters Flag 72

Washington's Headquarters Flag

Believed to be the earliest surviving 13-star American flag, also known as a standard because of its modest size, is said to have marked General Washington's presence throughout much of the war.

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Verplanck's Point watercolor

Panoramic View of Verplanck’s Point

This seven-foot-long panoramic watercolor by Pierre Charles L'Enfant includes the only known eyewitness depiction of George Washington’s headquarters tent during the Revolutionary War.
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