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Upcoming Free Workshops

The Museum is pleased to offer a rotating series of free workshops for Educators to support their work in the classroom. Participants must register in advance using the link associated with the specified workshop.

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When Women Lost the Vote Workshop Series

The New Jersey Exception in Six Documents

Workshop Date: Dec. 8, 2020

Primary sources are key to our understanding of historical events. Join members of the Museum’s education team as we explore six key documents that tell the story of an exceptional moment in history when women – and people of African descent – were able to vote in New Jersey, long before the passage of the 15th and 19th Amendments. Participants will analyze these primary sources and their historical contexts, walking away with ideas for how to integrate them into classroom learning.

Check back for future workshops digging into our newest exhibit, When Women Lost the Vote: A Revolutionary Story, 1776-1807.

Bank of America and Comcast NBCUniversal are presenting sponsors of
 When Women Lost the Vote, with additional support provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, and a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: Exploring the human endeavor.

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Museum Essentials Series

Making the Revolution Relevant

Workshop Date: Dec. 10, 2020

We can all agree that the American Revolution is important for students to learn about, but how do we make the events and ideas of two centuries ago feel relevant to their lives today? Using the Museum’s Virtual Museum Tour as a core resource, and drawing on current events, participants in this workshop will examine real and replica artifacts and images, analyze primary sources, and engage in discussion with their peers and museum staff to come up with classroom-focused ideas for meaningfully tying the Revolution to the present day.

Check back for future Museum Essentials workshops.

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Finding Freedom Workshop Series

Finding Freedom Orientation & Case Study: Deborah & Eve

Workshop Date: Dec. 16, 2020

Presenting a well-rounded history of our nation requires teachers to present diverse perspectives and experiences. The Museum’s new Finding Freedom online interactive resource explores the stories of five real people of African descent living in wartime Virginia as they contemplated their best opportunities for freedom, liberty, and self-determination. Discover the many helpful features this resource offers teachers and students and explore opportunities for using them in your classroom in this case study of two of those featured individuals, Deborah and Eve.

Check back for future workshops exploring the stories from Finding Freedom.

Finding Freedom is made possible with generous support from The Albert M. Greenfield Foundation.

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Stand-Alone Workshops

The following workshops can be scheduled for your school or district, and can take place on-site at the Museum or at your location. In-museum workshops include access to the core exhibit. Virtual workshops are also available.

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Museum of the American Revolution 

Signs and Symbols of the American Revolution

Students encounters signs and symbols hundreds of times a day; visual imagery is constantly used to communicate ideas, create in-groups and sell products. The same was true in the Revolutionary Era. Through analysis of the images and objects of this time, students can see signs, symbols and other imagery as a language that can be read to understand mid-to-late 18th-century America, while practicing close looking skills, making inferences, substantiating arguments and evaluating multiple perspectives. In this session, educators will encounter specific examples of 18th century imagery and consider how signs and symbols can be used both as a pathway to historical content and a bridge to the contemporary era.

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African Americans in the American Revolution

On the eve of the American Revolution, one-fifth of British North America’s residents were people of African descent. What did their lives look like during the Revolutionary Era, how were they impacted by the Revolution, and how did they themselves shape how the new nation came into being? Teachers will leave this session with both an overview of African American lives during the Revolutionary Era as well as specific resources for incorporating these stories into their classrooms.

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Making the Revolution Relevant

We can all agree that the American Revolution is important for students to learn about, but how do we make the events and ideas of two centuries ago feel relevant in the modern world? Participants in this workshop will engage in targeted exploration of museum galleries or replica artifacts and images, analysis of primary sources and discussion with their peers and museum staff to come up with classroom-focused ideas for meaningfully tying the revolution to the present day.

Customize Your Workshop

With adequate time, we can work with you to design a new workshop that best meets your educators’ needs. For more information, email

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Teacher Resource Guides

Use our modular materials – including thematic units, high-quality images, contemporary connections, and provocative questions – to round out your students’ visit.
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Mini Lesson Plans

The Museum offers a growing list of free, downloadable lesson plans that explore topics including the role of museums, types of revolutions, and the people, causes, events, and repercussions of the American Revolution.
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Virtual Distance Learning Programs

Explore the Museum's new and exciting virtual distance learning programs for the new school year and learn how to book yours today.
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