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When Women Lost the Vote

A Revolutionary Story

Explore the Museum's When Women Lost the Vote: A Revolutionary Story, 1776-1807 online exhibit to learn the little-known history of the nation’s first women voters and examine the political conflicts that led to their voting rights being stripped away.

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Image 090920 Richard St George Cost Revolution National Gallery Victoria
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Felton Bequest, 1922 

Cost of Revolution

The Life and Death of an Irish Soldier

Follow the story of Irish soldier and artist Richard Mansergh St. George, whose personal trauma and untimely death provide a window into the entangled histories of the American Revolution of 1776 and the Irish Revolution of 1798.

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A zoomed in section of Verplanck's Point featuring General Washington’s tent perched on a hill overlooking the encampment

Among His Troops

Washington's War Tent in a Newly Discovered Watercolor

Explore the online exhibit inspired by French-born Continental Army engineer Pierre Charles L'Enfant's 1782 watercolor painting depicting the encampment at Verplanck's Point, New York, which includes the only known wartime image of General George Washington's headquarters tent.

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Additional Digital Experiences

Dig deeper into compelling stories and complex events of the American Revolution through these interactive online learning experiences. 

A watercolor depicts Deborah and Harry, with their backs to the viewer, aboard a ship setting sail for Nova Scotia. They look out on men and women in the streets fighting for their freedom, as the Americans won the war. Many people were fighting for a place on the ships that were evacuating Loyalists.

Finding Freedom

Explore the stories of five real people of African descent living in war-torn Virginia in 1781. 

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Image 102720 Season Of Independence Cover Soi Soc Character Comp2

Season of Independence

Trace the spread of American support for Independence and learn the perspectives of real men and women on all sides of the debate. 

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Visitors of the Museum of the American Revolution in the Liberty Tree gallery which features a Liberty Tree
Jeff Fusco 

Virtual Museum Tour

Experience the Museum’s award-winning, immersive galleries with our Virtual Museum Tour, featuring 360-degree, high-resolution images and a guided audio tour.

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A zoomed in section of Verplanck's Point featuring General Washington’s tent perched on a hill overlooking the encampment
Interactive Feature

Picturing Washington's Army

Explore rare paintings of the Continental Army at West Point and Verplanck's Point, including the only known wartime image of George Washington's tent.

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When Women Lost the Vote Poll Lists

Dive deep into the Museum's discovery of nine poll lists featuring women and free Black voters who cast ballots in New Jersey from 1800 to 1807.

A user goes to click start on the their phone to explore the Timeline of the American Revolution.
Multimedia Timeline

Timeline of the American Revolution

Using historical objects, artworks, and documents from the Museum’s collection, our new Timeline explores both key moments and surprising stories of the American Revolution with high-quality images, video explorations of select items, and ability for users to build their own curated timelines.