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Season of Independence

Explore the spread of support for American independence from January to July of 1776. Encounter the perspectives of real men and women on all sides of the debate.

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About Season of Independence

Using a map and timeline as its foundation, Season of Independence tracks statements of support for independence across the 13 American colonies in rebellion over time, while placing those colonies in larger geographic context. Throughout, it presents the voices of those who supported independence, disagreed, and hoped to avoid a war altogether.

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Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

Coming Soon! Modular activities, worksheets, and more, aligned to national history standards.
Primary Sources

Primary Sources

Coming Soon! A selection of precursor documents to the Continental Congress’ Declaration of Independence and reflections by men and women experiencing this dynamic moment.
Big Ideas

Big Ideas

Coming Soon! Short essays to put this interactive map and its documents into historical context.


Coming Soon! Useful definitions for understanding language in the stories, Big Ideas, and primary sources.

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Season of Independence is made possible with generous support from Ira D. and Diana Riklis.