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An illustration of Abigail & John Adams

Abigail & John

Read the book Abigail & John, the story of one of America’s most celebrated historical couples written by David Bruce Smith alongside original illustrations by his mother, Clarice Smith.

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About the Author

David Bruce Smith is the author of 12 books, and founder of the Grateful American Foundation, which is restoring enthusiasm about American history – for kids and adults – through videos, podcasts, and interactive activities. The Grateful American Book Prize promotes excellence in adolescent historical fiction and non-fiction that is focused on the United States since the country’s founding. In 2019 he launched The Grateful American Book Series, a series of children’s books about historical couples that were – in actuality – partnerships.

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David Bruce Smith Portrait

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Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

Download the teacher resources from the Grateful American™ Foundation.
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Useful definitions for understanding key terms in the Abigail & John book.

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Abigail And John Book Cover David Bruce Smith

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Abigail & John, the inaugural book of the Grateful American Book Series, written by David Bruce Smith and illustrated by his mother, Clarice Smith, is available for purchase from the Museum Shop.

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David Bruce Smith's Grateful American Book Series

Grateful American Book Series

Learn more about the Grateful American Book Series, which launched in 2019 and whose titles include Abigail & John as well as the forthcoming Dolley & James.

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David Bruce Smith's Grateful American Foundation

Grateful American Foundation

Learn more about the Grateful American Foundation, whose mission is to provide insight and increase interest in the people and events that helped establish the United States.

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