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The 1777-1778 winter encampment at Valley Forge became synonymous with hunger, deprivation, and cold, all feelings expressed in this painting by American artist Harrington G. Fitzgerald (1847-1930). This bleak scene shows a foraging party of Continental Army soldiers returning to camp after searching the countryside for food and other necessities. Fitzgerald spent much of his life working for a family-owned newspaper, but he found relief from the stresses of his professional life in painting. He studied painting under several notable American artists, including Thomas Eakins and John Singer Sargent. Fitzgerald is best known for his works depicting the landscape of Valley Forge. 

Artwork Details

  • Valley Forge Winter, The Return of the Foraging Party
    Painted by Harrington G. Fitzgerald
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Oil on Canvas
    Museum of the American Revolution


Image 092320 16x9 William Trego March Valley Forge Painting Collection

March to Valley Forge

This iconic depiction of the march to Valley Forge by William B. T. Trego was painted in Philadelphia and exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 1883.
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This image shows a painting depicting George Washington Crossing the Delaware. It is displayed in a brown frame with a gold interior. The painting shows Washington and his soldiers on the shores of the river. Some are still on land and some boats are already on the water. It is a snowy, gray day.

Washington Crossing the Delaware

American artist Harrington G. Fitzgerald painted this version of General George Washington’s famous 1776 crossing of the Delaware River about 100 years after the Revolutionary War.
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