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Special Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions – 2019 

Portraits of Richard St. George by Thomas Gainsborough c. 1776 Redcoat & Revolutions: Richard St. George in America and Ireland
September 28, 2019 – February 17, 2020

What can a life tell us about an era? Next fall, the Museum will present its first international loan exhibition, Redcoat & Revolutions: Richard St. George in America and Ireland.

The exhibition will present the story of the trans-Atlantic impact of the American Revolution through the eyes of a young Irish officer in the British Army Richard Mansergh St. George (1757-1798). St. George’s dramatic and tragic personal journey through the Age of Revolutions will be brought to life with rare works of art, historical artifacts, maps, and manuscripts from museums and private collections in Ireland, England, Australia, and the United States.

Image: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne - Felton Bequest, 1922

Past Exhibitions

Close-up of historic 18th century watercolor of Verplanck's Point that shows George Washington's tent in the field. (Photo Credit: MoAR) Among His Troops: Washington's War Tent in a Newly Discovered Watercolor

Among His Troops: Washington’s War Tent in a Newly Discovered Watercolor, brought together works of art, weapons, and other artifacts from the Revolutionary War to explore the history surrounding this rare eyewitness painting of the Continental Army, which was discovered by the Museum’s curators.

Visitors explore the Special Exhibit "Hamilton Was Here"

Hamilton Was Here: Rising Up in Revolutionary Philadelphia

Journey through Hamilton’s Philadelphia in Hamilton Was Here: Rising Up in Revolutionary Philadelphia. The interactive playscape revealed connections between our own city and Alexander Hamilton’s extraordinary contributions to the nation’s founding.

Through playful interactives, scenic environments, and facilitated games, visitors actively engaged in the challenges of founding and maintaining a country and were inspired to carry these lessons forward as they face the challenges of citizenship today.