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General George Washington purchased several sets of silver camp cups during the Revolutionary War (1775-1783) for use in his field headquarters. These cups, with later commemorative inscriptions, are part of a set of twelve that descended in the Washington family with a history of having been owned and used by the Commander-in-Chief during the war. They were made by Philadelphia silversmith Edmund Milne, who also made a set of smaller camp cups for the general in August 1777.

Object Details

  • Camp Cups
    Made by Edmund Milne
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    ca. 1775-1783
    Museum of the American Revolution


Image 082720 George Washington Tent Collection

Washington's War Tent

General George Washington's original sleeping and office tent from the Revolutionary War.
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Image 091120 General George Washington Standard Flag Collection Washington Headquarters Flag 72

Washington's Headquarters Flag

Believed to be the earliest surviving 13-star American flag, Washington's Standard marked his presence throughout the war.
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Image 091120 George Washington Mantel Clock Collection Washingtonmantelclock

Washington Mantel Clock

A French artisan produced a small number of mantel clocks for export to the American market following George Washington’s death in December 1799.
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