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Revolutionary War veteran Jacob Latch, of Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, wore this coat in the early 1800s, around the time he applied for a pension from the Federal Government for his military service. Latch enlisted in the Continental Army in 1776 at age 17, along with his father and brother. He later served in Captain John Young's Company of Colonel Jonathan Paschall's Regiment of Chester County militia, during the Valley Forge encampment of 1777-1778.

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  • Coat
    Linen, Wood
    Museum of the American Revolution


Image 091120 Fringed Linen Shirt Collection Hunting Shirt

Linen Hunting Shirt

This uniquely American hunting shirt, which were worn by many riflemen from the mid-Atlantic area, originated in the Virginia backcountry.
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Image 120220 Collections Portrait Of Jacob Latch

Portrait of Jacob Latch

Revolutionary War veteran Jacob Latch, of Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, posed for this portrait in the early 1840s, around the time he applied for a military pension.
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This image shows a painting called Valley Forge Winter The Return of the Foraging Party. It is a large painting displayed in a brown frame with a golden interior. The painting shows a gray wintry day of soldiers marching through Valley Forge. They are walking toward the viewer. There is a soldier on horseback with his sword in his right hand and a flag in his left.

Valley Forge Winter, The Return of the Foraging Party

This painting by American artist Harrington G. Fitzgerald shows the bleak scene of a foraging party of Continental Army soldiers returning to camp during the 1777-1778 winter encampment at Valley Forge.
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