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A mother holding her young daughter view Washington's camp bed on display in the Witness to Revolution exhibit.

The “crown jewel” of the Museum’s collection is General George Washington’s headquarters tent from the Revolutionary War. On permanent display in the second-floor Alan B. Miller Theater, the award-winning Washington’s War Tent presentation has inspired more than a million visitors since the Museum opened – and, yes, it has moved many to tears as well.

The Museum’s newest special exhibition, Witness to Revolution: The Unlikely Travels of Washington's Tent, open through Jan. 5, 2025, greatly expands on the immersive film and brings to life the stories of individuals from all walks of life who saved Washington’s tent and fashioned this relic into a symbol of the fragile American republic. Even the youngest guests can learn about Washington’s leadership from the tent’s journey from Revolutionary War battlefields, through its survival during the Civil War, to its home at the Museum today.

In addition to try-on clothes, replica handling objects, and family-friendly talks, here are five kid-friendly features in the Witness to Revolution exhibit that guests of any age can enjoy.

A young guest and two adults look through a 3D stereoviewer in the Witness to Revolution exhibit.

Look Through Stereoviewers to Make Photos Three-Dimensional

Use viewers to look at stereographs, an early form of 3D photography, showing images of scenes from Arlington House during the Civil War, Selina Gray and two of her daughters, and the Centennial International Exhibition in Philadelphia. Look through the lenses and watch the images become three-dimensional!

Family Guide & Scavenger Hunt

Explore the exhibit with a printed or digital family guide full of key terms, helpful questions, and fun activities, like puzzles, a word search, games, and much more. Plus, you can put your detective skills to the test as you search for all the artifacts and symbols in our scavenger hunt. Don’t forget to bring your completed scavenger hunt to the front desk to collect your prize!

A guest touches one of the 3D-printed versions of Washington's tent on display in Witness to Revolution.

Touchable 3D-Printed Tents & Tactile Tent Cloth

Compare the sizes of General Washington’s dining marquee, his sleeping and office marquee, and a common soldier’s tent by touching 3D-printed scale models. The tactile tents are courtesy of the Clovernook Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired. Later in the exhibit, guests can touch two different types of linen tent cloth – one lighter version used for the inner chamber and one heavier version used for the exterior – to compare.

Measure Up for the Commander in Chief’s Guard

A group of soldiers known as the Commander in Chief’s Guard had the job of protecting, transporting, and setting up Washington’s field headquarters. Washington wanted his guard to be made up of men who were all between 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 10 inches tall to create a consistent appearance and make it easier to provide them with uniforms. See if you’re the right height – or how much you need to grow – to serve in the Commander in Chief’s Guard and how you measure up to Washington, who stood 6 feet 2 inches. Don’t forget to suit up like a soldier with our try-on clothes for a cute photo moment!

A young visitor views and uses the touchscreen virtual tour of Washington's Field Headquarters in Witness to Revolution exhibit.

Virtual Tour of Washington’s Field Headquarters

Immerse yourself in a touchscreen tour of a recreated Revolutionary War encampment, which includes the Museum's handsewn, full-scale replicas of Washington's sleeping marquee, dining tent, baggage tent, and common tents. Pan across 360-degree photos, step inside Washington's sleeping marquee, view high-resolution images of replica artifacts and wartime equipment, watch a timelapse of the encampment set-up, and learn more about Washington's mobile headquarters while on campaign with the Continental Army. This in-gallery interactive is adapted from the Museum’s online version, which was a 2023 Webby Award Nominee.

Witness to Revolution: The Unlikely Travels of Washington’s Tent is open daily through Jan. 5, 2025, in the Museum’s first-floor Patriots Gallery and is included in regular Museum admission. Learn more about discounted Family Four-Pack tickets and Family Memberships to save on your visit.

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A recreated of an end of Washington's tent displayed with his camp bed and additional camp items.

Witness to Revolution: The Unlikely Travels of Washington's Tent

Now Open Through January 5, 2025
Witness to Revolution, now open through Jan. 5, 2025, brings to life the journey of George Washington’s tent from the Revolutionary War to an enduring symbol of the American republic.
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Three children watch a demonstration of a cannon by a costumed Museum educator.

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