History After Hours: All the Gory Details

Tap into your subconscious and reveal your nightmares as we explore the connection between art and affliction. Review “all the gory details” of a gruesome and risky surgery and its connections to Richard St. George in a joint presentation with the Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia and the Museum of the American Revolution.

A Gruesome Surgery: History of Trepanning
Irish soldier Richard St. George, the focus of the Museum’s latest exhibition, received a traumatic head wound at the Battle of Germantown. He miraculously survives and undergoes the process of “trepanning,” where surgeons would cut a disk out from a patient’s skull to relieve swelling. While this surgery helped save his life, St. George experienced constant pain, hallucinations, and “fits of insanity” for the rest of his life.  Learn about the history of trepanning through objects with from Collections Manager and Registrar from the Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Lowell Flanders, and explore the words and artwork of a survivor of the process with Museum Associate Curator, Matthew Skic.

About the Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
The Museum displays its beautifully preserved collection of anatomical specimens, models, and medical instruments in a nineteenth-century “cabinet museum” setting. Opening on October 17 is Spit Spreads Death: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918-19 in Philadelphia an exhibition and artist project that explores both the devastating historic event and the connections to contemporary health issues.   

Philly Cider Week
Kickoff Philly Cider Week with a special cider cocktail competition! Select local restaurants will revive 18th-century cider “cocktails” using the base of delicious Frecon Farms Cider. Guests will have the chance to vote on whose cider pour was the most hardcore.

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Join Art in the Age for a special release tasting of “Graverobber”, an unholy rye whiskey infused with maple syrup tapped from graveside maple trees.