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A crowd watches costumed historical interpreters on Mount Vernon's green lawn in front of the Museum's replicas of George Washington's tents.
Courtesy of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association

Join the Museum at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, outside Washington, D.C., for their Revolutionary War Weekend living history event, May 4-5, where we will set up our recreated Revolutionary War encampment, including handsewn, full-scale replicas of General George Washington's sleeping marquee, dining tent, baggage tent, and common tents that served as his mobile headquarters while on campaign.

At Mount Vernon's Revolutionary War Weekend, Mount Vernon's serene 12-acre field transforms into a battleground as Continentals, Redcoats, and Hessians conduct military drills, perform cavalry demonstrations, and engage in 18th-century tacticals. Meet the soldiers who are encamped at Mount Vernon, discuss military techniques, and greet General Washington. Revolutionary War Weekend in included in Mount Vernon's regular admission and takes place rain or shine.

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General George Washington's Revolutionary War headquarters tent on display at the Museum

Washington's War Tents

Explore the cornerstone of the Museum's collection, General George Washington's Revolutionary War Tent, and the handsewn, full-scale replica of his field headquarters.
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Image 101220 Foop George Washingtons Replica War Tent

First Oval Office Project

Learn more about the Museum's handsewn, full-scale replica of General George Washington's mobile Revolutionary War headquarters tents.
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An aerial view of George Washington's Mount Vernon and greenery to the right and blue Potomac River to the left.
Courtesy of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association 

Travel with the Museum

Learn more about exclusive travel opportunities for Revolution Society and George Washington Council members.
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