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German-American Brigadier General John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg (1746-1807) carried these English holster pistols during the Revolutionary War. Born in Trappe, Pennsylvania, and educated in Philadelphia and Europe as a Lutheran minister, Muhlenberg commanded the 8th Virginia Regiment, a corps composed largely of German-speaking recruits raised in the Shenandoah Valley in 1776.

Object Details

  • Pistols
    London, England
    Iron, Steel, Wood (walnut), Brass, Silver
    Museum of the American Revolution
    2003.00.0017, 2003.00.0018


Image 120220 Collections French Musket Marked United States

French Musket Marked “UNITED STATES”

This musket is one of over 100,000 French arms imported into the United States during the Revolutionary War.
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British Musket

British Musket

This British musket was made following a pattern developed in 1756 and is marked to the 4th Regiment of Foot.
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Image 120120 Collections Ferguson Rifle

Ferguson Rifle

Scottish officer Patrick Ferguson developed a rifle, like this example, that allowed the user to fire at nearly twice the rate of fire of a musket.
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