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What does your wardrobe say about you? From your favorite sports team’s gear to MAGA hats and “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts, clothing can speak louder than words regarding the causes you support, both personally and politically. But the “wear your cause” movement is nothing new. 

Button making exhibit

Coinciding with Philly Fashion Week, a Revolutionary fashion-themed event at the Museum of the American Revolution on Tuesday, Sept. 25 from 5pm - 8pm will explore the materials and messages behind the fashion choices of the Revolutionary era.

The event is part of the Museum’s monthly History After Hours series, which features extended evening hours, special themed programs, happy hour food and drink specials in Cross Keys Café from 5 – 7 p.m., and full access to the Museum’s exhibits. Tickets for History After Hours are $10 and can be purchased online in advance here or at the door.

“Clothing and other accoutrements helped Americans shape their idea of the nation during the American Revolution,” said Dr. Philip Mead, Chief Historian and Director of Curatorial Affairs. “From a wooden busk, part of a woman’s garments, carved with ‘We Are One’ to the fringed hunting shirt of a New England soldier and powder horns engraved with phrases like ‘Liberty or Death,’ Americans have been wearing their cause on their sleeves since this country’s very beginning.”

At 6:30 p.m., fashion illustrator Veronica Miller Jamison from the Made Institute will demonstrate how to sketch contemporary and 18th-century designs modeled by the museum’s costumed educators, while discussing how wardrobe design has changed over the past 200 years and its impact. Students are invited to bring their sketchbooks and create their own designs based off Jamison’s presentation as well as the tableau scenes found in the Museum’s main galleries.

Button Making exhibit

Throughout the evening, guests can create their own button to wear and take home, as well as a sash like those worn by George Washington and Alexander Hamilton. Guests can complete their evening by dressing up in Revolutionary-inspired clothing and learn about the “selfies” of the 1700’s. Then, guests can pose for their own personal revolutionary portrait to take home.

In the upcoming months, History After Hours will include a Halloween-themed event on Tuesday, Oct. 23; “Ceramics in the City” on Tuesday, Nov. 13, and “Enough to Feed an Army: Gingerbread” on Tuesday, Dec. 11.

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