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Historian Daniel Sieh joins the Museum over three days this May as part of the Meet the Revolution series.

Throughout Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month this May, the Museum will explore the contributions made by Asian Americans and the role of trade during the American Revolution with our Meet the Revolution program, daily in-gallery talks, and online resources.

Meet the Revolution with Daniel Sieh
Onsite | May 18 & 25-26
What is the relationship between people of Asian ancestry and the American Revolution? How did Asia interact with the British North American colonies and how were Asians involved in the American Revolution? Join researcher and costumed interpreter Daniel Sieh as he returns to explore stories of global trade, free and enslaved labor, and Revolutionary War service, all focused on people of Asian descent.

You can also read Sieh's blog post, "Looking Through the Silk Screen: Asian People in the American Revolution," to learn more about the story of Charles Peters, a man of Asian descent who served in the Continental Army. Plus, hear more from Sieh about the role of people of Asian descent in the American Revolution in conversation with Dr. Tyler Putman.

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10-Minute In-Gallery Talk: Asian Trade in Early America
Onsite | Daily beginning May 15
Where did people get their goods in America during the Revolutionary era? Asia was a primary part of trade between Great Britain and the colonies, and goods like porcelain, fabric, and tea were coming into the colonies through these trade routes. Join a Museum educator in our galleries to learn more about trade with China in the 18th century. Not only will you find examples of both Chinese- and American-made hard-paste porcelain on display, you can also learn more about the Boston Tea Party and the economic impacts of the tea trade.

Chinese Translation of Revolution Film
Onsite | Daily
Begin your visit with our 15-minute orientation film, Revolution, shown throughout the day. This sweeping film explores the origins, experiences, and ongoing legacy of the American Revolution – setting the stage for your exploration of our core exhibition. The film is available in Chinese (Mandarin) upon request.

Revolution Around the World: China and the American Revolution
Online | Anytime
Take a closer look at the role China played in the American Revolution with our Revolution Around the World series. China’s involvement in the Revolution was one of goods and trade. China was the main global producer of tea, porcelain, and silk, and all three were popular in the colonies and would be at the center of some colonial protest movements.

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From the Collection: "Arms of Liberty" Punch Bowl
Online | Anytime
The "Arms of Liberty" porcelain punch bowl was made and decorated in Jingdezhen, China, around 1770 for export to Britain and its American colonies. The design on the exterior of the bowl was intended to poke fun at those who had opposed the English politician John Wilkes (1727-97), a proponent of English civil liberties, parliamentary reform, and American rights. 

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Read the Revolution Excerpt: Archaeology at the Site of the Museum of the American Revolution
Online | Anytime
Read an excerpt from Rebecca Yamin's book Archaeology at the Site of the Museum of the American Revolution for more on the artifacts — including the "Holy Grail" punch bowl, an early example of American-made porcelain at a time when Chinese-made porcelain dominated the American market — found during the archaeological excavation at the Museum site. Plus, you can read more about the "Holy Grail" punch bowl from the New York Times.

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In the Galleries: Battle of Negapatam
Onsite | Daily
On a map opposite the Museum's recreated sloop, find the Battle of Negapatam painted by Dominic Serres in 1786. The Battle of Negapatam was one of five bloody naval battles fought off the coast of India in the Bay of Bengal by French and English East Indies squadrons between February 1782 and 1783.

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Replica wooden tea chests
Revolution Around the World

China and the American Revolution

Examine the role China played in the American Revolution, who China's major players were, and additional resources to continue learning more.
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George Dance Drawing of an 18th-Century Chinese Man
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Looking Through the Silk Screen: Asian People in the American Revolution

Historian Daniel Sieh explores how the story of Charles Peters provides a fascinating window into the contributions made by Asian people to the American Revolution.
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Image 102820 16x9 Transparent Rtr Arachaeology At Site Of Moar Yamin

Archaeology at the Site of the Museum of the American Revolution

Read this timeline by historical archaeologist Rebecca Yamin about the artifacts discovered during the excavation of Philadelphia's newest Museum.
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