Portrait of the Comte du Perron

Joachim du Perron, Comte de Revel shown in this 1786 portrait by Laurent-Bruno Francois Jourdain, was a French Army officer who served in seven naval battles during the Revolutionary War, as well as at the sieges of Yorktown (1781) and Gloucester (1782). Following the announcement of its alliance with the United States in 1778, France provided military support to the Americans throughout the later end of the Revolutionary War. The Franco-American victory at the Siege of Yorktown proved the enormous value of the French alliance.

See the Portrait of Joachim du Perron, Comte de Revel on display in the From Yorktown to Independence section of the core galleries on the second floor.  

Joachim du Perron, Comte de Revel
Painted by Laurent-Bruno Francois Jourdain
Besancon, France
July 1786
Oil on Canvas
Museum of the American Revolution