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Lieutenant John Ross of the 34th Regiment was a distinguished member of the British Army. After the final campaigns of the French and Indian War, he explored and mapped the Mississippi Valley before rotating back to Great Britain with his regiment in the late-1760s. Ross returned to America in 1776 and participated in a number of battles in the North. This circa 1769 portrait, attributed to Scottish-born artist David Martin, depicts Ross after his first American tour of duty.

Artwork Details

  • Lieutenant John Ross of the 34th Foot
    Attributed to David Martin
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    ca. 1769
    Oil on Canvas
    Museum of the American Revolution


This image shows a gold framed portrait of Thomas McDonogh. The portrait is against a white background. Thomas is wearing a red jacket with a blue shirt. His right hand is resting inside a buttonhole of the shirt, so you cannot see his hand. His left wrist is placed on the wooden chair he is sitting on, with his hand dangling over. His eyebrows are raised as he stares at the viewer.

Portrait of Thomas McDonogh

View this portrait of Thomas McDonogh, who served as private secretary to the last royal governor of New Hampshire, John Wentworth.
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Image 120220 16x9 Collections Portrait Of Captain William Crosbie

Portrait of Captain William Crosbie

Take a closer look at a rare portrait of British officer Captain William Crosbie, who fought in the Battle of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775.
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Image 111220 Collection 16x9 Transparent 55 Portrait Of Captain William Leslie

Portrait of Captain William Leslie

Captain William Leslie of the British 17th Regiment of Foot, shown in this portrait with Edinburgh Castle looming in the background, lost his life at the Battle of Princeton.
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