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American sailors aboard Continental Navy vessels and privateer ships often used French weapons, like this cutlass, as they battled the British Navy. Many ships of the Continental Navy outfitted themselves at the ports along the Atlantic coast of France and sailed north to harass British shipping. A cutlass such as this one could be used for hand-to-hand combat when a ship’s crew boarded an enemy vessel. Cutlers, or blade makers, at France’s royal sword manufactory at Klingenthal made this cutlass. Among the workers at Klingenthal were skilled cutlers recruited from Germany to make swords for the French military. Located in a culturally German region of France, Klingenthal roughly translates from German to the “valley of blades.”

Object Details

  • Cutlass
    Made at Klingenthal Factory
    Klingenthal, France
    Iron, Steel, Brass
    Museum of the American Revolution


Image 120220 Collections French Musket Marked United States

French Musket Marked “UNITED STATES”

This musket is one of over 100,000 French arms imported into the United States during the Revolutionary War.
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This image is of Benjamin Lincolns sword. The hilt is gold and is on the left side of the image, while the blade is pointing to the right of the image. The sword is resting against a white background.

Benjamin Lincoln's Sword

This sword belonged to Major General Benjamin Lincoln, General Washington’s second in command at the Siege of Yorktown.
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John Chandler's Sword

John Chandler's Sword

Colonel John Chandler of the 8th Connecticut Regiment carried this small sword during the Revolutionary War as a symbol of his rank.
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