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Issued under the authority of the Continental Congress, this example of paper currency from the American Revolution bears the image of an eagle attacking a crane with the Latin motto “EXITUS IN DUBIO EST” (The Outcome is in Doubt). With no authority to tax, the Continental Congress was unable to prevent deep depreciation of its paper currency, and coupled with the widespread circulation of British counterfeit bills, gave rise to the phrase “Not Worth a Continental.”

Object Details

  • Currency
    Printed by David Hall and William Sellers
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Paper, Ink
    Museum of the American Revolution


Image 092320 16x9 First Newspaper Printing Declaration Independence Collection Firstnewspaperprinting

First Newspaper Printing of the Declaration of Independence

This July 6, 1776 issue of the Pennsylvania Evening Post presented the first newspaper printing of the newly adopted Declaration of Independence.
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Image 092320 16x9 Continental Army Discharge Collection 1783 Militarydischarge

Jeremiah McGowan's Continental Army Discharge

Private Jeremiah McGowan of the 2nd New York Regiment received this discharge from the Continental Army signed by General George Washington.
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This image shows Owen Madden's tune book. It is rectangular and displayed against a plain, white background. The book is in good condition, but rather worn out in the middle running down the middle.

Owen Madden's Tune Book

This handwritten tune book, attributed to Owen Madden, includes actual scores for the music of the American Revolution period.
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