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Black Founders: The Forten Family of Philadelphia

The Museum's new special exhibition is now open through November 26, 2023.

Black Founders: The Forten Family of Philadelphia exhibit graphic featuring a portrait of James Forten.

New Exhibit Now Open

In our newest special exhibition, the Museum introduces visitors to James Forten and his descendants as they navigated cross-racial relationships in Philadelphia during the American Revolution to become leaders in the abolition and women's suffrage movements. Forten's wife, Charlotte Vandine Forten, and his daughters played critical roles in the founding of the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society in 1833.

Join Hannah Wallace on March 12, 18, and 25 as she discusses the lives and legacies of Charlotte Vandine Forten and Charlotte L. Forten as part of our Meet the Revolution series.

Exhibit Details

When Women Lost the Vote: A Revolutionary Story

Explore the little-known history of the nation’s first women voters and examine the political conflicts that led to their voting rights being stripped away.

Image 122120 16x9 Wwltv Tableau Img E7030
Online Exhibit

When Women Lost the Vote: A Revolutionary Story, 1776-1807

Explore the Museum's When Women Lost the Vote: A Revolutionary Story, 1776-1807 online exhibit to learn the little-known history of the nation’s first women voters.

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Image 012720 Nj Archives Poll List Wwltv Dsc3668
Interactive Feature

Poll List Interactive

Explore nine poll lists featuring 163 women voters who cast ballots across New Jersey from 1800 to 1807. The poll lists suggest women’s political significance and participation in local, state, and federal elections in early New Jersey.

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Image Wwltv Elizabethfreemanvideopreview 1042bsa07282

"Meet Elizabeth Freeman" Performance

View a 25-minute film of a one-woman theatrical performance based on the life of Elizabeth Freeman (also known as "Mumbet"), a woman who sued for her freedom from enslavement and won.

Image 101620 Wwltv Exhibit Rebecca Vandike Performance 1153bsa08107

"Meet Rebecca VanDike" Performance

View a 25-minute film of a one-woman theatrical performance based on the life of Rebecca VanDike, an early woman voter in New Jersey.


Additional Digital Resources

A watercolor depicts Deborah, a person of African descent, in the foreground carrying a water bucket in her left hand with Mt. Vernon in the background. Deborah faces the viewer as her eyes look to the side. Behind her is a person of African descent pulling a horse. In turn, there is a white slave master pulling the person of African descent’s left arm.
Interactive Feature

Finding Freedom

Explore the Museum's Finding Freedom online interactive, which examines the stories Eve and Deborah as well as additional people of African descent in Virginia who followed different paths to freedom during the Revolutionary War. Their stories are also available to explore in the Museum via a touchscreen kiosk.

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An illustration of Abigail Adams embracing John Adams.
Online Children's Book

Abigail & John Adams

Read the book Abigail & John, the story of one of America’s most celebrated historical couples exploring Abigail's unique role in the nation's founding, written by David Bruce Smith alongside original illustrations by his mother, Clarice Smith.

Read Online
Visitors of the Museum of the American Revolution in the Liberty Tree gallery which features a Liberty Tree
Jeff Fusco 
Museum Galleries

Virtual Museum Tour

Explore other personal, often-unfamiliar stories of women during the Revolutionary era and the roles they played in the war effort. Learn about Deborah Squash, who ran away from Mount Vernon and sought protection with the British Army; Tyonajanegen (Two Kettles Together), an Oneida woman who played a key role in their nation’s decision to ally themselves with the American Revolutionaries and participated in the violent Battle of Oriskany during the Saratoga Campaign; Baroness Frederika von Riedesel, who recorded her journey and war-time experiences on the Saratoga campaign and as a prisoner-of-war in a detailed personal journal; and more.

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Selina Gray
Collection Highlight

Washington's War Tents

Learn more about Selina Gray, an enslaved woman at Arlington House, the home of Martha Washington's granddaughter Mary Custis Lee and Confederate General Robert E. Lee who saved Washington family heirlooms, including George Washington's Revolutionary War tent, from possible destruction by the occupying Union army during the Civil War.

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From the Museum Shop

Shop these staff picks from the Museum Shop for Women's History Month.

Abigail Adams "Remember the Ladies" Mug

Abigail Adams "Remember the Ladies" Mug


This ceramic mug features Abigail Adams' famous "Remember the Ladies" — "Remember the ladies, and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors" — quote from her March 31, 1776 letter to her husband John.

Yellow t-shirt with the words Created Equal across the checst.

"Created Equal" T-Shirt


This sunny yellow "Created Equal" cotton-blend, unisex t-shirt is sure to brighten your look as it reminds us all of the Revolutionary promises of the Declaration of Independence "that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

Red tote bag featured six white stripes in the top left corner in a callback to the Forster flag at the Museum.

Forster Flag Tote Bag


Named after the family through which the original flag descended, the Forster flag is very likely one of the first efforts to depict the united colonies and later United States with stripes. This tote bag features the same color and pattern as the original on display at the Museum.