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Carl M Buchholz Memorial Lecture featuring a photo of authro Akhil Reed Amar and his book The Words that Made Us.

Lecture Marks Fifth Event in Series Honoring the Museum’s Late Board Member Carl M. Buchholz

Preeminent constitutional scholar and Yale University professor Akhil Reed Amar joins the Museum of the American Revolution as the distinguished lecturer for the fifth Carl M. Buchholz Memorial Lecture on Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023, from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. His talk will focus on his most recent book, The Words That Made Us: America's Constitutional Conversation, 1760-1840, which provides a history of the American Constitution's formative decades.

In The Words that Made Us, Amar unites history and law in a vivid narrative of the biggest constitutional questions early Americans confronted, and he expertly assesses the answers they offered. His account of the document's origins and consolidation is a guide for anyone seeking to properly understand America's Constitution today. The presentation will include a question-and-answer session with the onsite and online audiences.

“Akhil Reed Amar is one of the top legal minds in America and we are honored and delighted to have him join us as our distinguished Buchholz Lecturer,” said Museum President and CEO Dr. R. Scott Stephenson. “Through his prolific scholarship and multifaceted storytelling, Amar helps us understand how our founding documents were shaped and how they continue to shape us, which is more relevant than ever as we approach the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 2026.”

The hybrid event will take place in the Museum’s Liberty Hall and will be livestreamed for ticketed online viewers. Onsite tickets begin at $35 and include a signed copy of The Words That Made Us. Online-only tickets are pay-what-you-wish. Tickets are now available for purchase, online or by calling 215.253.6731. Proceeds from the event support the Museum’s educational programs.

“Deeply probing, highly readable… insightful, and at times surprising… In addition to educating Americans engaged in discussion about their rich constitutional legacy, the book has a generous spirit that can be a much-needed balm in these troubled times.” ― New York Times

The event marks the fifth Carl M. Buchholz Memorial Lecture, a series established by the generosity of the family, friends, and colleagues of the late Carl Buchholz, former vice-chairman of the Museum’s Board of Directors. The series was created to honor his public service and to explore the American Revolution and its relevance today. The evening is hosted by Karen Dougherty Buchholz, Alex Buchholz, and Julia Buchholz.

“Fascinating…A masterly synthesis of history and law…Readers of The Words That Made Us will rightly marvel at its breadth and depth and at Mr. Amar’s scholarly acumen.” ― Wall Street Journal

Comcast NBCUniversal; DLA Piper; Macro, a Savills Company; Lisa Kabnick and John McFadden; Morris W. Offit; and Martha McGeary Snider are Supporting Sponsors of the 2023 Carl M. Buchholz Memorial Lecture. Additional support is provided by Morgan Lewis and WSFS Bank.

About Akhil Reed Amar
Akhil Reed Amar is Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science at Yale University, where he teaches constitutional law at both Yale College and Yale Law School. His work has won awards from both the American Bar Association and the Federalist Society. He is the author of several books on constitutional law and history, including America’s Constitution: A Biography and America’s Unwritten Constitution. Amar’s books and articles have been favorably cited by Supreme Court justices across the spectrum in over 40 cases and he regularly testifies before Congress at the invitation of both Republicans and Democrats.

He has written widely for popular publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Time, and The Atlantic. He was an informal consultant to the popular TV show “The West Wing,” and his constitutional scholarship has been showcased on more recent TV shows, including “The Colbert Report,” “Up with Chris Hayes,” “Morning Joe,” “AC360,” “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” “11th Hour with Brian Williams,” “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” “Erin Burnett Outfront,” and “Constitution USA with Peter Sagal.”

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