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Multimedia Timeline

Explore the American Revolution from its roots in the 1750s through our award-winning multimedia timeline showcasing original artwork, weapons, clothing, manuscripts and rare books from the Museum’s collection. See high quality images of a diverse set of artifacts and watch as a Museum curator shows off a few of his favorite items. Please note the multimedia timeline is currently accessible using Adobe Flash and can only be accessed on older devices and browsers.

Coming in 2022, the Museum is looking forward to launching a brand-new, fully accessible multimedia timeline. Stay tuned for updates!

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Additional Digital Experiences

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Jeff Fusco 

360-Degree Virtual Tours

Explore the compelling stories and complex events of the American Revolution through 360-degree high-resolution panoramic images and much more with our Virtual Museum Tour and Virtual Tour of Washington's Field Headquarters.
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Online Exhibits

With our online exhibits, including When Women Lost the Vote and Cost of Revolution, the Museum continues to uncover and share compelling stories about the diverse people and complex events that sparked America’s ongoing experiment.
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A watercolor depicts Deborah and Harry, with their backs to the viewer, aboard a ship setting sail for Nova Scotia. They look out on men and women in the streets fighting for their freedom, as the Americans won the war. Many people were fighting for a place on the ships that were evacuating Loyalists.

Interactive Features

Dig deeper into compelling stories and complex events of the American Revolution through our interactive online learning experiences, including Finding Freedom, Season of Independence, Picturing Washington's Army, and When Women Lost the Vote Poll Lists.

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