Fashion Forward or Backward?

Fashion Forward or Backward? Eliza Hamilton Style Cast, 1777-1787

Introducing the #FashioningEliza Social Media Style Cast & Quiz

Do you think Eliza Schuyler Hamilton became more yasss queen or oh no honey in the decade from 1777 to 1787? How would you describe her style on today’s terms? Compare the Fashioning Eliza Project design sketches with the final recreated gowns worn by Museum Educators in the #FashioningEliza Social Media Style Cast for the culmination of the project.

Demand satisfaction and express your ‘70s or ‘80s style thoughts, inspired by Eliza’s story in our hands-on exhibit Hamilton Was Here: Rising Up in Revolutionary Philadelphia and Broadway smash hit Hamilton: An American Musical. Share your fashion inspirations and opinions to understand how fashionable Eliza Schuyler Hamilton was on today’s terms, and if the fashion of the Hamiltons' time was forgettable or truly trendsetting.

Join us at the Museum on March 31st for the culmination of the Fashioning Eliza series - Fashioning Eliza: Hamilton and Philadelphia Style, 1777-1787. This event is included with Museum admission.

Follow @AmRevMuseum to join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using #FashioningEliza. Stay tuned to the Museum on social to answer the #FashioningEliza Style Cast questions:

1. Is your style more 1770s or 1780s Eliza? Which of fashion elements, if any, factor into your own wardrobe?
2. Based on these designs, who would be Eliza’s current-day style icon? 
3. How would the trend-setting Eliza Schuyler Hamilton dress today? Where would she shop? Share your #ootd to offer some #fastfashion advice!


Support for the Fashioning Eliza project is provided in part by David and Kim Adler