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A Museum educator shows a group of school students a replica naval flag.

Let's explore the colorful and vibrant Revolutionary era of bright red, deep blue, vibrant green, and even purple fabrics. Do you know which plants were used to create those colors? Let's dive into this colorful journey together!

Join this fun and interactive History Explorer Day Camp as Museum educators help you discover the different colors that can be extracted from fruits and vegetables like avocados, onions, beets, and cabbage. Throughout the day, you'll keep your own journal and swatches to record your findings as you test various plant dyes. And by the end, you'll get to choose your favorite 18th-century plant to dye your very own History Explorer shirt!

History Explorer Day Camp is a full-day, drop-off/pick-up camp that allows your student the chance to spend their day off from school in a fun, exciting, and educational environment, using the Museum, our collection, and our beautiful Old City neighborhood. This day camp is best enjoyed by children ages 7-11 years old. View the policies PDF to learn more about policies and procedures regarding drop-off/pick-up, lunches and snacks, recommended clothing, and more.

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History Explorers

As a History Explorer, meet with Museum staff and special guests to play games, make art, hear stories, solve riddles, and explore the people, places, and events of the American Revolution.
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Three children watch a demonstration of a cannon by a costumed Museum educator.

Kids & Families at the Museum

Learn more about the Museum of the American Revolution's family-friendly activities and experiences we offer as well as suggestions we have for visiting the Museum with children.
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Two Asian American female children utilize the objects within Revolution Place. They are both seated at a wooden table. The child on the left is writing with a quill pen and smiling, while the child on the right is pretended to pour cream into her silver teacup. On the table to her left is a silver tea pot.

Revolution Place

Saturdays & Sundays, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
The Museum’s family-friendly discovery center, Revolution Place, brings to life the Museum’s lively, diverse Old City neighborhood during the 1700s and invites visitors to learn through hands-on exploration.
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