Building History By The Numbers

Building History By The Numbers

Brick by brick and steel beam by steel beam, we’re building the Museum of the American Revolution. When our doors open, thousands of bricks, miles of wire, tons of steel and thousands of man-hours will have gone towards this project. Our construction team provided us with a list of the Museum by the numbers, from materials to labor:

*270,000 bricks* 

*7,500 cubic feet of limestone* 

*47 miles of wire and cable* 

*1,300 tons of steel*

*40 subcontractors*

*25 - 30 trades* 

*1,000 average man-hours per week*

And that's not counting demolition! A team of archaeologists explored our historic site before construction began. They recovered 83,000 pieces of artifacts. When these pieces were assembled, they revealed:

*200+ chamber pots* 

*600 - 700 dishes, plates, and bowls* 

*400 - 500 tankards, mugs, and pitchers* 

Now that we've hit the midway-point for construction, we thank the dedicated members of our staff and crew for their hard work, and the generous donors who support our mission. We look forward to welcoming you on opening day! Until then, we're happy to celebrate a year of construction progress, as seen in this time-lapse video showing the project's evolution over the past 12 months.


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