Discovering History: Baroness von Riedesel

Discovering History: Baroness von Riedesel

May 10, 2020

Learn the fascinating but little-known story of Baroness von Riedesel with a video presentation from Hannah Boettcher, the Museum’s Manager of Special Programs.

Von Riedesel crossed the Atlantic with her three young children to follow Hessian troops, including her husband who commanded Brunswick forces with the British army. She became an American prisoner-of-war and left behind a diary of her experiences, providing a unique perspective on the war beyond the well-known stories taught in school.

Discovering History: Baroness von Riedesel from AmRevMuseum on Vimeo.

Take a closer look at the Baroness's diary, including the entries read in the video. Read more about the Baroness in Carol Berkin's Revolutionary Mothers and from author of Hamilton and Peggy!, L.M. Elliott. Explore more about the Baroness and the Saratoga Campaign in our Virtual Museum Tour

The Discovering History: Baroness von Riedesel presentation was released as part of Virtual Mother's Day Weekend with the Museum, sponsored by The Haverford Trust Company and RSM. Explore more Virtual Mother's Day Weekend offerings including a Revolutionary do-it-yourself Mother's Day card craft and a Forgotten Revolutionaries: Camp Followers Digital Discovery Cart

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