Watch Our Flag Day Presentation on Rare Flags of the Revolution

Watch Our Flag Day Presentation on Rare Flags of the Revolution

Thirteen stars with six points on a field of faded blue silk tell the story of America’s fight for freedom as George Washington might have seen it.

George Washington's Headquarters Flag was one of three extremely rare flags from the American Revolution that were displayed June 14 at Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library in Delaware. Two additional standouts on display were the 8th Virginia Regiment’s Grand Division (or Muhlenberg) Flag and the Forster Flag. This unique one-day exhibition marked the first time these three historic banners for liberty, which are among only 35 from the Revolutionary War in existence, have been displayed together.

Our Director of Collections and Interpretation, Dr. Scott Stephenson, gave a talk titled "Banners of Liberty: Three Flags of the American Revolution” to compliment the exhibit. C-SPAN aired the talk in its entirety, which you can view here.

Image Credit: Washington Commander-in-Chief Flag ca. 1777-83 from the collection of the Museum of the American Revolution. Conserved with funds provided by the Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution and its Color Guard.

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