Students learn about the extraordinary lives of average people in the Revolutionary War as they go through the galleries on a facilitated tour led by a Gallery Educator.

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Engage your students with the dramatic story of America's Founding in a revolutionary way! 

The American Revolution was dramatic, dynamic, lofty, gritty, tenuous, and full of uncertainty – it was anything but dry and inevitable! Educators and students are invited to explore this rich and complicated era - and its connections to our world today - through hands-on and virtual encounters with objects, documents, stories and people both in the museum and online.

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Season of Independence Summer Teacher Institute

Interested in joining a small group of educators from across the country in exploring the path the thirteen rebellious colonies traveled between the end of the French and Indian War in 1763 and the Declaration of Independence in 1776 this summer?  Participation is open to active educators of students in grades 4 – 12. Space is limited. Interested educators will be asked to submit an application. Learn more about our Season of Independence Summer Teacher Institute here. 

Field Trips and Education Resources

Resources & Opportunities for Educators

We support teachers with access to high quality educational resources and engaging and effective professional development opportunities. 

Student Experience

Themed classroom-based programs

The American Revolution was dramatic, dynamic, lofty, gritty, tenuous, and full of uncertainty – it was anything but dry and inevitable! 

The Museum’s flagship in-gallery experience Through Their Eyes invites young people to explore the major causes and events of the American Revolution through the eyes of the men, women and children who lived through it. As they study objects, documents and ideas, students consider questions such as: Who were the Revolutionaries? How revolutionary was the war? What kind of nation did the Revolution create? Through Their Eyes is suitable for grades 4-12, is led by highly trained Program Facilitators and can be adapted to suit different needs and abilities.

Themed classroom-based programs provide a more in-depth look into particular themes. These include Thinking Like a Historian, Feeding the Army: an Economics Dilemma and Whose Liberty?: African Americans in the American Revolution. Special programs offer opportunities for deeper engagement and debate. A multimedia Timeline of the American Revolution and an online Virtual Field Trip in partnership with Scholastic extend our work beyond the museum's walls. 

Teacher professional development experiences and pre- and post-visit materials offer resources for educators to dig deeper into stories of the nation's founding and draw meaningful connections to today's world.