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Not only shirtless and barefoot, but destitute of all other clothing, especially blankets... they might be tracked by their blood upon the rough frozen ground.
Private Joseph Plumb Martin on the March to Valley Forge

Joseph Plumb Martin was one of the thousands of teenaged soldiers in General George Washington's army. He wanted to prove he was "as warm a patriot as the best of them." In June 1776, he left Milford, Conn. and joined the Continental Army in New York City. Martin went on to write Memoir of a Revolutionary Soldier, which was published in 1830 and is one of the best-known Revolutionary War memoirs, depicting the life of an ordinary soldier.

Watch the Performance

"Meet Joseph Plumb Martin" stars Patrick Poole as Joseph Plumb Martin and was written by Ryan Schwartz for the Museum of the American Revolution. This was the Museum's first original theatrical piece and debuted in 2018.

Go Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes of the making, scripting, and performing of the first-person theatrical performance, "Meet Joseph Plumb Martin," with actor Patrick Poole and the Museum's Gallery Interpretation Manager Dr. Tyler Putman and Associate Curator Dr. Matthew Skic.

The performance and behind the scenes videos were produced by Veracity Studios and the Museum of the American Revolution. 

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Image 102320 Cooking Demo Hard Bread

Living History at Home: Making Hard Bread

Watch Tyler Putman, Gallery Interpretation Manager at the Museum, demonstrate how to make hard bread from flour, water, and salt.
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Image 100220 16x9 Transparent Rtr Memoir Of A Revolutionary Soldier

Memoir of a Revolutionary Soldier

Read an excerpt from Joseph Plumb Martins memoir describing leaving the safety of home for his first deployment for the American Revolution in 1776.
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Image 092320 16x9 William Trego March Valley Forge Painting Collection

March to Valley Forge

This iconic depiction of the march to Valley Forge by William B. T. Trego was painted in Philadelphia and exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 1883.
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