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Lieutenant Colonel George Wilson of the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment carried this hanger (a short sword) during the Revolutionary War. In December 1776, Wilson and his regiment began a grueling winter march from their post near Pittsburgh to reinforce General George Washington’s dwindling army along the Delaware River. On Dec. 5, Wilson wrote that his troops were “ill Provided for a March at this season.” Some soldiers did not survive the over 300-mile trek. Wilson himself died of a sickness in February 1777, likely caused by the march, soon after the regiment joined up with Washington’s troops.

Object Details

  • Hanger (sword) and Scabbard
    Replacement guard made by James Frazer and Pleasant Baird 
    North America; guard made in Kentucky 
    ca. 1776; guard ca. 1815
    Iron, Steel, Silver, Wood, Leather 
    Museum of the American Revolution


John Chandler's Sword

John Chandler's Sword

Colonel John Chandler of the 8th Connecticut Regiment carried this small sword during the Revolutionary War as a symbol of his rank.
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Jonathan Pettibone's Sword

French and Indian War veteran Colonel Jonathan Pettibone carried this small sword, engraved with his name, during the New York campaign of 1776.
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British and French Swords

View two intricately decorated small swords, one of which was made in France and other in England.
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