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The profuse decoration on this engraved powder horn includes a view of Philadelphia’s busy waterfront on the eve of the American Revolution. During the 1760s and early 1770s, urban populations in places like Boston, New York, and Philadelphia played an important role in protests against British taxation and coercive measures that eventually led to armed revolt.

Object Details

  • Powder Horn
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    ca. 1770
    Horn (cow), Wood, Iron
    Museum of the American Revolution


Image 091120 Samuel Dudley Powder Horn Collection Samueldudleyspowderhorn

Samuel Dudley's Powder Horn

This charming powder horn was decorated for a New England soldier Samuel Dudley serving in Warwick, Rhode Island, in December 1777.
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Image 091120 William Waller Powder Horn Collection 1775 Wallerpowderhorn

William Waller's Powder Horn

This powder horn was carried by Virginia rifleman William Waller and is etched with the slogan "LIBERTY or DEATH."
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This image shows Abel Scott's Powder Horn. It is displayed against a white background. It is attached to a brown strap.

Abel Scott's Powder Horn

This engraved powder horn belonged to Abel Scott, a New England soldier who served in five military campaigns of the Revolutionary War.
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