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Lafayette souvenirs became all the rage when the Marquis returned to tour the United States in 1824 and 1825. The Marquis de Lafayette was one of America’s first celebrities, and as might happen today, souvenirs with his image appeared in all shapes and sizes. This British-made plate for the American market features an image of Lafayette at the center based upon a portrait by French painter Antoine Maurin. The portrait is surrounded by the words “Welcome Lafayette / The Nations Guest and our Country’s Glory.” As the Marquis travelled from city to city, vendors sold items like this to visitors, well-wishers, and collectors so they could have a memento of America’s favorite fighting Frenchman.

Object Details

  • Plate
    Made by James and Ralph Clews
    Stoke-on-Trent, England
    Transfer-printed earthenware
    Museum of the American Revolution, 2003.00.0645


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A recreated of an end of Washington's tent displayed with his camp bed and additional camp items.

Witness to Revolution: The Unlikely Travels of Washington's Tent

Now Open Through January 5, 2025
Witness to Revolution, now open through Jan. 5, 2025, brings to life the journey of George Washington’s tent from the Revolutionary War to an enduring symbol of the American republic.
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Image 092320 16x9 Marquis De Lafayette Parade Banner Collection Lafayetteparadebanner

Lafayette Parade Banner

This silk banner was carried through the streets of Philadelphia in celebration of Marquis de Lafayette returning to the scene of his military service.
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Image 092320 16x9 Marquis De Lafayette Brazier Collection Item Brazier 0

Marquis de Lafayette's Brazier

This 18th-century brazier, believed to have been brought to America by Marquis de Lafayette during the American Revolution, was designed to hold hot coals and for cooking.
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