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Made in London, this officer’s saber features a long, single-edged blade used for slashing. Dragoons, elite troops who could fight on either horseback or foot, typically carried sabers. This saber’s pommel is shaped like a lion, an ancient symbol of Great Britain.

Object Details

  • Saber (sword) and Scabbard
    Made by Dru Drury
    London, England
    Leather, Silver, Hemp
    Museum of the American Revolution (Benninghoff Collection)


British Musket

British Musket

This British musket was made following a pattern developed in 1756 and is marked to the 4th Regiment of Foot.
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Image 091120 British French Swords Collection British And French Swords 1 Copy

British and French Swords

View two intricately decorated small swords, one of which was made in France and other in England.
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Image 091120 British Gorget Collection 1776 Englishgorget

British Gorget

This silver gorget was made in England in 1775-1776 for an officer of the British Army’s 60th or Royal American Regiment.
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