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PHILADELPHIA – June 9, 2014 –The Museum of the American Revolution today announced details of its exhibition plans, which will bring to life the events, people and ideals of the founding of the United States and inspire a deep appreciation of the importance of the struggle that created American democracy.

The Museum of the American Revolution will soon be under construction in the “cradle of liberty” that is historic Philadelphia. When it opens in late 2016, visitors will have opportunities to join the Sons of Liberty under a life-sized Liberty Tree, board the deck of a privateer ship, experience the sensation of being on the front line of battle, and stand in the presence of original weapons, letters, and other objects from the era. With original artifacts, immersive galleries, dynamic theaters and large-scale tableaux, the experience will take visitors on a chronological journey from the roots of conflict in the 1760s to the rise of armed resistance, and from the bold Declaration of Independence of 1776 through the long years of warfare that achieved victory.

Whether stepping into an Oneida Indian council house, or examining the 1773 volume Poems on Various Subjects by Phyllis Wheatley, America’s first published black female poet, museum visitors will see the diversity of people and opinion of the American founding. Galleries will explore military strategy of the war and its impact on everyday citizens.

A dedicated theater will house one of the most iconic surviving artifacts of the Revolution: General Washington’s Headquarters Tent, which served as both his office and his sleeping quarters throughout much of the war. It was within the folds of this tent that key discussions and decisions were made that affected the outcome of the American Revolution. The tent will be presented as part of a multimedia presentation exploring Washington’s leadership.

At the heart of the museum experience is visitors’ opportunity to engage with the Museum’s rich collection of original historic artifacts. One of the premier collections of its kind, it includes several thousand objects from the period of the American Revolution, including a number of George Washington’s belongings, as well as an impressive assortment of period weaponry, soldiers’ and civilians’ personal accoutrements, fine art, and printed works and manuscripts. These “authentic witnesses” to the events of the American Revolution will illustrate the stories told in each of the core exhibition’s galleries.

“Our collection of original artifacts, artwork and manuscripts provides an unparalleled connection to the people who achieved the Revolution,” said Michael Quinn, President and CEO of the Museum of the American Revolution. “The Museum will finally provide a place for Americans to gain an understanding of the broad sweep of the Revolution—why so many placed their lives at risk in the fight for the freedoms we enjoy today. It will help people understand that the ideals of the Revolutionary are the foundation of our democracy and continue to guide our experiment in self-government.”

Site preparation is now underway and groundbreaking for the construction of the new museum will take place in fall of 2014. The Museum expects to open its doors to the public in late 2016. To view a gallery of renderings, click here.

About The Museum of the American Revolution:

The Museum of the American Revolution will tell the complete story of the American Revolution using its distinguished collection of objects, artifacts, artwork, and manuscripts. Permanent and special exhibition galleries, theaters, and large-scale tableaux will bring to life the original “greatest generation,” and engage people in the history and continuing relevance of the American Revolution. Construction is now underway for the new Museum that is being built steps away from Independence Hall, Carpenter’s Hall, Franklin Court, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the Revolution. It will serve as a portal to the nation’s many Revolutionary sites, sparking interest, providing context and encouraging explorations that begin at the Museum’s doorstep. The Museum is a private, non-profit organization. For more information, visit or call toll free, 877-740-1776.