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The Museum of the American Revolution is pleased to announce a partnership with The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

“The DAR was founded in 1890 to preserve the memory and spirit of those individuals who contributed to America’s fight for independence and for 125 years, our members have passionately sought to tell the stories of our Revolutionary forefathers,” said Lynn Young, DAR President General. “Without question, the DAR’s missions of historic preservation, education and patriotism are keenly in line with the goals of the Museum of the American Revolution. We are proud to be a partner with the Museum of the American Revolution in our shared educational goal to ensure future generations understand the importance and relevance of the inspiring ideals of the American Revolution and are grateful for the sacrifices of our founding generation.”

As one element of support, the DAR will provide a gift of a grant to underwrite the framing and installation within the Museum of a hand-painted copy of the Siege of Yorktown (1781), a monumental 19th century painting by French artist Louis-Charles Auguste Couder which hangs in the Hall of the Battles in the Palace of Versailles. This striking painting, which measures over 13 feet by 17 feet, must be stretched, varnished, hung and framed to the wall. Once hung, the painting will be seen from the first floor, drawing visitors up the stairs into the Museum’s large interior court as they begin the museum experience.

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The Museum and the DAR will work closely together in the coming years to promote both organizations and provide opportunities for programming and promotion to their shared audiences.

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