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At a ceremony held Monday, March 13, at the Museum, the FBI’s Art Crime Team and its law enforcement partners repatriated 50 items — the oldest dating back to the French and Indian War — belonging to 17 institutions located in five different states.

Among the artifacts returned to their owning institutions were an 1847 Mississippi rifle stolen from a Mississippi museum; a World War II battlefield pickup pistol belonging to General Omar Bradley, stolen from the U.S. Army War College Museum; 19th century Pennsylvania rifles, stolen from Pennsylvania museums; a Colt Whitneyville Walker revolver stolen from the Connecticut State Library; a French and Indian War-era powder horn stolen from the Stone House Museum in Belchertown, Massachusetts; and a number of 18th century English and Scottish pistols stolen from the Valley Forge Historical Society Museum.

Along with the Museum, owning institutions receiving repatriated artifacts included Blair County Historical Society, Delaware County Historical Society, Haverford Township Historical Society, The Hershey Story Museum, Juniata County Historical Society, Longmeadow Historical Society, Mississippi Department of Archives & History, Museum of Connecticut History, Old Stone Fort Museum, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Springfield Armory National Historic Site, Belchertown Historical Association, and U.S. Army War College.

In December 2021, a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania indicted Michael Corbett of Newark, Delaware, for possession of those firearms and other items stolen from museums in the 1970s. In August 2022, Corbett pleaded guilty to the possession of stolen items transported interstate, and, in accordance with his plea agreement, turned over to the government additional stolen firearms to which he had access.

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