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At the beginning of March, Claudia Stowers joined the Museum as our Vice President of Advancement. In her role, she will be responsible for working with the Board and senior staff to complete the $150 million Campaign for the Museum of the American Revolution. Now that she's settled in, we asked her why she decided to come on board and what she's looking forward to in the future.

Claudia Stowers

What made you want to join the Museum?

I like challenges, so the thought of being a part of the final push to make this museum a reality was very intriguing. But the attraction goes much deeper than that. Equality, liberty, self government—these were the radical ideas behind the Revolution that we Americans sometimes take for granted. This museum can help educate us all regarding the price of liberty and our ongoing obligation to uphold its values. In a period when we almost seem divisive at times, these values can help galvanize us and bring us together. It's a story that needs telling and retelling and passed to future generations in a way only a museum can.

What is the first order of business for you in your new role?

In a nutshell, my goal is to increase our overall activity level to broadly spread the word about the museum, to engage more people, and to develop more meaningful relationships. I'm excited to be teaming with an experienced, dedicated, and professional staff and looking forward to helping accelerate their efforts and impact. 

What are you most excited about in the coming months?

Having the opportunity to do a deep dive into the time of our nation's founding and to explore the hallmarks of leadership—not just of George Washington, but of the many unsung heroes whose examples and stories are role models for us and can help us grow as citizens and individuals.