Grand staircase at the Museum of the American Revolution.

History After Hours

History After Hours

Our History After Hours series returns with extended evening hours from 5 – 8 p.m., special themed programs, happy hour food and drink specials, games and trivia, and full access to the Museum’s exhibits including timed screenings of Washington's War Tent.

Tickets for History After Hours events are $10 for adults and can be purchased online or at the door.

2019 Schedule

Revolutionary Staycation

August 20, 2019
The Museum’s AmRevHQ website connects many historic sites in our area. Join us for a night of storytelling presented by regional sites and battlefields, all located within a day’s trip.

The Lion and the Unicorn

September 17, 2019
Follow the signs and find your way to learn about what types of symbols, like the Lion and the Unicorn, were used to unify the British Empire on everyday objects like tavern signs and ceramics. At the Sign of the Cross Keys Café, enjoy some friendly fire between local breweries Attic Brewing Company and Artillery Brewing from the Brandywine battlefields.

All the Gory Details

October 29, 2019
Tap into your subconscious and reveal your nightmares as we explore the connection between art and affliction. Watch a special performance of Irish officer Richard St. George as he relives his time fighting in the American war and its
Irish aftermath.

Comic Relief

November 19, 2019
How did people flex their funny bone in the 18th-century? Discover how Irish soldier Richard St. George used satire and sketching to cope with his life experiences. Create your own cartoon sketches and bust a gut listening to local
comedy groups. 

Camped Out

December 10, 2019
For soldiers during the Revolutionary War, life was often in-tents. How did soldiers survive the harsh winters and the hot heat of summer? View representations of soldiers camped out in our Galleries and our newest exhibit, Cost of Revolution: The Life and Death of an Irish Soldier.

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