Write the Revolution Workshop: Cartooning Around

In partnership with East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention, Inc. (ECBACC), learn how to create your own historical hero in this special program geared towards teens.
Explore our galleries to view our own cast of characters and look at examples of 18th-century cartoons to be motivated to make your own. Afterwards, ECBACC will walk participants through a history of comic book cartooning to prepare them to re-tell a tale using elements of sci-fi/fantasy to re-envision a historical figure as a super-powered character. 

East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention, Inc. (ECBACC)
The comic book convention with a mission! ECBACC is the nation’s first full-service comic book convention, right here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is the forerunner and template for urban comic book and sci-fi conventions. Founded in 2002 by Yumy Odom, it has opened doors for comic books, graphic novels and sci-fi/spec-fi, and their creators to be taken seriously by academia and the general public. ECBACC offers year-round professional comic book workshops and youth literacy initiatives, including the S.T.A.R.S (Story-telling That Advances Literacy Skills) program, annual awards programs (including the ECBACC Pioneer / Lifetime Achievement Award, the Glyph Comics Awards, and the Heruica Character Creation Award, which are first-of-a-kind industry awards) and first-rate professional comic book industry workshops. They also offer the first convention-based African-inspired superhero, sci-fi & fantasy cosplay contest: AfriCoz.

Write the Revolution
Inspired by our flagship book series Read the Revolution, the Museum is proud to present Write the Revolution, a series of author talks and workshops for children and teens. Through the magic of storytelling, historical fiction puts people at the center of history, presents multiple perspectives and brings the past to life.

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