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Painting of Washington with a sash

Join Mount Vernon’s Manager of Teacher Learning, Alissa Oginsky, as we explore George Washington’s complicated legacies as related to slavery through the use of primary sources and digital classroom resources. Teachers participating in this free workshop will examine his public and private decision making during the Revolutionary and Founding eras and the complex lives and agency of individuals enslaved at Mount Vernon to more fully understand the past and connect it to the present day. 

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This workshop is presented in partnership with George Washington's Mount Vernon.

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Dr. Philip Mead leads a class of teachers at the Season Of Independence Summer Teacher Institute.

Professional Development Workshops

Join fellow teachers for interactive workshops, engaging discussions, and content-rich presentations exploring the American Revolution in both historical and contemporary contexts.
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For Students & Educators

Engage your students with the dramatic story of America's Founding with our in-person, in-class, homeschool, and virtual learning resources.
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General George Washington's Revolutionary War headquarters tent on display at the Museum

Washington's War Tents

Explore the cornerstone of the Museum's collection, General George Washington's Revolutionary War Tent, and the handsewn, full-scale replica of his field headquarters.
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