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Image 040320 Jana Violante Artisan Field Trip

Walking down the street in 18th-century Philadelphia, you would have found the streets lined with shops of all kinds. Gather up and travel back in time with us as we pop (virtually) into a dressmaker’s shop and get to meet Jana Violante, a historical costume maker, where we will learn about how they made everyday items like clothes and shoes, what other shops would have been around, and even learn how you can try your hand at the art of “tin punching” at home! 

Jana is a New York City-based freelance costume maker. She drapes garments, makes patterns, and stitches by hand and machine out of her studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 

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A young female visitor draws a picture. Behind her is a 13-star flag, which was part of the Museum's 2019 summer exhibition, A New Constellation.
Jun 26

History Explorers Club: Flag Facts

June 26, 2021 from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Join the Museum to learn about how flags come to represent countries or states and how they can communicate before creating your own at our family-friendly June History Explorers Club.
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Image 040720 Artisans Makers Discovery Cart Img 9439

Artisans and Makers Discovery Cart

Learn more about tools used by artisans and makers working in specialized, skilled trades during the Revolutionary era.
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Visitors of the Museum of the American Revolution in the Liberty Tree gallery which features a Liberty Tree
Jeff Fusco 

Shine Your Light With Our Punched Tin Craft

Make your own punched tin at home using aluminum foil, cardboard, and a simple pattern with the Museum's instructions.
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