Hamilton and Philadelphia: Historical Adaptation in Theater

From historical research to staging a contemporary story in our current political climate, how does Hamilton: An American Musical, recent Philadelphia theater productions, and university teaching use similar powers of storytelling? Like Philadelphia’s influence on how Alexander Hamilton built a nation, teaching history and theater connects regional audiences to a broader sense of the ongoing American Revolution. Join us for an evening panel conversation about how theater professionals and historians play on fact and fiction to inspire new generations of audiences.


Renee C. Romano, co-editor of Historians on Hamilton: How a Blockbuster Musical is Restaging America’s Past and professor of history at Oberlin College will lead the discussion by panelists James Ijames, award-winning Philadelphia based performer, playwright, and professor at Villanova University and Historians on Hamilton contributors including Brian Eugenio Herrera, author of Latin Numbers: Playing Latino in Twentieth-Century U.S. Popular Performance and associate professor of theater at Princeton University, The Lewis Center for the Arts, and co-editor Claire Bond Potter, professor of history at The New School and the executive editor of Public Seminar.