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The Museum owns five early 18th-century English law books that are listed in Patrick Henry’s 1799 estate inventory. Three volumes still bear Henry’s printed bookplate. Several were owned by other prominent Virginians before Henry acquired them, presumably in the early 1760s when he was studying and practicing law. One of these previous owners was Bartholomew Dandridge, whose older sister Martha Dandridge (Custis) married George Washington in January 1759. These rare volumes were acquired by the Valley Forge Historical Society, the Museum of the American Revolution’s predecessor organization, in 1910 at a sale of Henry family heirlooms in Philadelphia.

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  • Modern Reports, Being a Collection of Several Special Cases in the Court of King’s Bench
    Printed by the Assigns of Richard and Edward Atkins
    London, England
    Leather, Paper, Ink
    Museum of the American Revolution

Image 091120 Phillis Wheatley Poems Book Collection Phillis Wheatley Poems
Gift of Dr. Marion T. Lane 

Phillis Wheatley's Poetry

This original copy of Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral, published in 1773, was written by Phillis Wheatley, the first published African-American author.
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Image 091120 George Mason Roman History Collection Foundingfathersromanhistory

George Mason's Roman History

Virginia statesman George Mason, who acquired this volume of ancient Roman history, was among the members of America's founding generation that looked to ancient Rome for guidance on republican government.
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Image 092420 16x9 Baron Von Steuben Regulations Collection Vonsteubensregulations

Baron von Steuben's Regulations

This system of drills for soldiers was developed by officer Baron von Steuben during the American Revolution and was used through the War of 1812.
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