Celebrate Women's History Month with our new Black Founders exhibit, a special March 24 event, and more this March. Plan Your Visit

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The interactions we had with the costumed educators were the highlight of my visit! Their willingness to engage and inform was so extraordinary! I was more than impressed with their knowledge and felt so privileged to experience this!
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Every day, the Museum is alive with educators who deliver in-gallery talks, tours, and interactive activities. You can step aboard the Privateer Ship and explore a sailor’s sea chest, participate in a free Tableau Talk at one of the tableau scenes in the galleries, and see replica objects at themed Discovery Carts. Daily activities are free with admission.

Specialized tours, add-on talks, and workshops provide a deeper dive into our Museum’s themes and stories for you or your group.

Plus, explore the Museum's digital resources to experience the Museum from anywhere at any time.

Bring the Revolution to Life

When you’re planning your visit, consider booking a special guide tour, talk, or workshop! The Museum offers Highlights Tours for groups and on weekends, Walking Tours of the neighborhood, audio tours, special tours for families, Touch Tours for guests with visual disabilities, and adult add-on talks and workshops about special topics for visiting groups.

Throughout the Museum at special, themed Discovery Carts, view replica objects and documents with a Museum educator to dig deeper into stories and peoples of the Revolution.

Explore digital Discovery Carts on Harry Washingtoncamp followers, and tools used by artisans and makers of the era. 

Living history at the Museum brings the people and events of the Revolution to life through costumed programs, craft demonstrations, and a travelling set of replica tents called the “First Oval Office Project.” Living history programs invite guests to understand the Revolution through the material culture of the period. You can see replica objects, watch demonstrations of 18th-century crafts, and imagine what is was like to wear the clothing and do the work of Revolutionaries, to understand diverse historical perspectives.

The Museum’s educators use many different interpretive techniques and exceptional material accuracy to create immersive environments and experiences both within and beyond the Museum. The everyday people of the Revolution become more human and their experiences more relatable to people today. Living history programs at the Museum inspire guests and others to make new connections and view themselves as part of the ongoing story of the American Revolution.

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