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Occupied Philadelphia 2019 Promotional Tour
Bartgis (center) and a group of redcoats tour the city to promote the Museum's 2019 Occupied Philadelphia living history event.

As part of the Museum’s Artisan Field Trip series, featuring interviews with living history artisans and makers as they demonstrate their Revolutionary-era crafts, Ben Bartgis joins Museum Gallery Interpretation Manager Tyler Putman to discuss and demonstrate their work and use of historical techniques as a stationer, who specializes in 18th-century writing supplies like paper, pens, and ink.

Bartgis works as a book conservation technician while also teaching penmanship and reproducing book and stationery materials. Read more about Bartgis’s work and research in the material culture of literacy in an April 2020 historian spotlight by Alexander Burns on Kabinettskriege.

Interested in more about 18th-century stationery and books? Check our Artisan Field Trip interview with bookbinder Paul McClintock.

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Paul McClintock, Bookbinder

Artisan Field Trip with Bookbinder Paul McClintock

Paul McClintock joins Museum Gallery Interpretation Manager Tyler Putman to discuss his work as a bookbinder using historical techniques.
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Living History Demonstrations

Dive deeper into Revolutionary era living history with Artisan Field Trips, Meet the Revolution interviews, cooking demos, and more.
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Artisan Workshop Series

Learn tricks of 18th-century trades and meet others while discovering new talents in making and doing. Then, try your hand at creating your own replica.
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