Occupied Philadelphia

October 15, 2017 - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Museum of the American Revolution

This program is free with Museum admission. Please meet a Museum educator (wearing a blue polo shirt) in the lobby fifteen minutes before your scheduled tour time. Tours will last for one hour and will cover 3/4 mile on sidewalks. View a map of tour stops. 

The British are Coming Back!

The Museum will commemorate the 240th anniversary of the British occupation of Philadelphia with a two-day living history event. In partnership with the Powel House, a PhilaLandmarks site, and City Tavern Restaurant, enjoy walking tours, special programs, and family-friendly activities that immerse you in life in the city, when British forces controlled the Revolutionary capital. Meet soldiers, civilians, and spies and learn about the untold stories about the American Revolution's darkest days. Inside the Museum, cast your vote – is the British presence an occupation or a liberation? - and try on revolutionary clothing, heft a flintlock musket, and explore the galleries, where costumed educators will highlight the dark days of 1777.

Guided Tours

Tours are offered every 30 minutes on Saturday and Sunday.  Guests will receive a packet of materials including a special spy challenge. Then, they will witness civilians haggle over prices at market, British soldiers debate politics with locals and search for housing at the Powel House, and march into a British military encampment behind City Tavern Restaurant.  

Would you have aided the revolutionary cause? Join a spy challenge to collect information on the sly about the British army’s exact whereabouts on Philadelphia street corners. Feeling more monarchical? Sign a loyalty oath and consider joining a cavalry regiment that will fight for the King? What would you have done in October 1777?

Tours are included with regular Museum admission and can be booked online or by calling the Museum at 215.253.6731. 

Tours meet in the Museum Lobby fifteen minutes before your scheduled tour time and will last one hour.  An Occupied Philadelphia ticket allows you access to the Museum exhibits and other special activities at any time throughout the day.

Follow us @AmRevMuseum on Twitter as we explore what life was like in occupied Phialdelphia and join the conversation with the #BritishAreBack

Additional Programs

Sunday, October 15, 2017 at Powel House (244 South Third Street)

The Powel House will be “occupied” and open for participants taking part in a Museum of the American Revolution program which will feature special family-friendly activities exploring what life was like in the city while British forces controlled the Revolutionary capital. Visitors will meet soldiers, civilians, and spies as they learn the untold stories about the American Revolution's darkest days. 

10:00 AM to Noon: Meet Elizabeth and Samuel Powel and listen in as they discuss the dangers ahead as they weigh their allegiance to the British King against the growing momentum toward Independence. What are they willing to risk? How did they feel when their house was commandeered by the Earl of Carlisle who arrived from London for an unsuccessful last-ditch effort at peace?

Noon to 3 PM: Open House at Powel- Would you be a patriot? A loyalist? A fence-sitter? Explore the Powel House and discover how Philadelphians felt. But beware, you might run into a British soldier.