Elizabeth (Betsy) Mattison voted on October 13, 1801 when she was a resident of Montgomery Township, New Jersey. At the time she voted, Mattison was a widow. Her husband, Aaron Mattison, had passed away in 1800 and left Elizabeth half of his real and personal estate in his will. His probate inventory was registered on February 2, 1801 at a value of $346.84. The following year Elizabeth wrote a will of her own. Interestingly, the wills of Aaron and Elizabeth Mattison both list Phebe (or Phoebe/Pheby) Davis as a primary beneficiary. Aaron Mattison’s will lists Phebe Davis as a “friend” and daughter of “Aaron Davis” and states that she is to receive the other half of his personal and real estate. Elizabeth Mattison’s will lists Phebe as her “niece” and the only beneficiary of the entirety of her real and personal estate after her funeral expenses. A “Pheby Davis” is also listed as a Montgomery Township voter in 1801, near Elizabeth Mattison’s name. This woman may be Elizabeth’s niece. Neither of the wills acknowledge any children. 

Both Elizabeth and Aaron Mattison list their place of residence as Princeton. The 1797 tax list for the Western Precinct (known after 1798 as Montgomery Township) of Somerset County lists “Aaron Mattison Esq.” as the owner of three-quarters of a 10-acre plot of land and one cow. Following Aaron Mattison’s death in 1800, Elizabeth Mattison is listed as the owner of that same plot and cow in the 1802 and 1805 Montgomery Township tax lists. When Elizabeth passed away in 1806, her household inventory had a value of $282.50.

Photo of Elizabeth Mattison's name listed on 1801 Montgomery Township poll list
Elizabeth (Betsy) Mattison’s name is recorded on the 1801 poll list from Montgomery Township. New Jersey State Archives, Department of State
Photo of Elizabeth Mattison's name listed 1802 tax list for Montgomery Township, page 11
Elizabeth Mattison's name is recorded on the 1802 tax list for Montgomery Township. New Jersey State Archives, Department of State

Elizabeth and Aaron Mattison were members of and contributors to the Presbyterian Church of Princeton (now Nassau Presbyterian Church). Elizabeth is included on an 1804 list of contributors to the pastor’s salary along with Grace Little and Mary Norris, two other women from Princeton who voted in 1801. Aaron Mattison was also a contributor to the Princeton Fire Company, headed by Grace Little’s husband John Little. Elizabeth Mattison seems to have been Aaron Mattison’s second wife. Her maiden name may have been Davis. More research is necessary to confirm this. Aaron Mattison is buried in Princeton Cemetery. Elizabeth Mattison may be buried there too.