Verplanck’s Point

Massachusetts Brigades

Take a closer look at the tents of the Massachusetts regiments, visible in the background of the painting. A couple officers’ marquee tents are also visible in this section of the watercolor. 

Image: Museum of the American Revolution, Gift of the Landenberger Family Foundation 

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1st and 2nd Massachusetts Brigades

The tents seen in the background are on the far end of the Continental Army’s encampment. The soldiers’ tents formed a one-and-a- half-mile long line at Verplanck’s Point. Many soldiers in the 1st and 2nd Massachusetts Brigades were veterans of the Saratoga Campaign of 1777 and had been stationed in the Hudson Highlands since 1778.

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Officers’ Tents

Colonels and generals often used oval marquee tents, similar in size and shape to General Washington’s tent, as their sleeping and office quarters. The tents seen here may belong to officers from the five brigades of New England troops that served at Verplanck’s Point.

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